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UHT-2000 Sapphire Sensor System for Jet Engines 
The Sentek single crystal sapphire sensor is designed to withstand and measure extreme temperatures and pressures for long term applications. This unique technology offers dynamic measurements in >1000° C environments with long term consistency and accuracy. This allows engine developers to accurately measure combustion dynamics, predict surge/stall events and dramatically improve performance and speed.

Sapphire Sensor System for Gas Turbine Generator Systems
Sentek sapphire pressure sensing systems provide long term reliable measurements of combustion dynamics in gas turbine generator combustors and gasifiers. This allows power plants to increase power output efficiency and reduce negative impacts of load change events.

DPT Down-hole Sensor System
The DPT is a down-hole Sapphire sensor that measures pressure and temperature simultaneously. The sensor can operate in high pressure environments beyond 10,000 psi, and temperatures up to 400°C. The sensor offers ultra-high accuracy and exceptional long-term stability. This latest technological breakthrough provides an ideal solution for permanent monitoring of oil and gas wells, including those that involve extremely challenging physical and chemical conditions.
picoDAS System
picoDAS is the most sensitive distributed acoustic sensing system in the world with exceptionally large dynamic range and excellent response linearity. In addition, the interrogation electronic instrument is smaller, with low power consumption. This unique product is an ideal choice for geological surveys, micro-seismic detection, structural integrity monitoring, and security.