Ultra-High Temperature sensor system for gas turbine generator applications >1000° C
A Sentek sapphire sensor is a single-crystal sapphire fiber optic pressure transducer capable of operating over 1000° C. The patented single crystal design provides long term stability, where silica or similar materials will soften in high temperature environments.  It is the first of a kind product that offers simultaneous pressure and temperature telemetry with 18 kHz measurement speeds with unmatched resolution and repeat-ability.
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Ultra High Temperature 

Sentek is capable of developing sapphire pressure/temperature sensor systems that would provide real-time simultaneous pressure and temperature measurements with high resolution, high accuracy and high speed. This would allow for generator health monitoring systems to optimize efficiency for both current and future applications of power generation.

  • ±0.1% linearity F.S.

  • < 0.05 psi pressure resolution

  • 0.1 C temperature resolution