Distributed Acoustic Sensing
With Unprecedented Capabilities
Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) is demanded in many applications from industries and fields such as oil/gas, pipeline leak detection, structural health monitoring and perimeter security. Traditional fiber optic DAS is based on time domain detection of Rayleigh backscatters produced by a laser pulse in the sensing fiber. Due to the extremely weak nature of the Rayleigh scattering, traditional DAS products have their sensitivities limited to the order of nanostrains, as a measure of the minimum detectable acoustic wave.

picoDAS Distributed Acoustic Sensing System breaks this fundamental limit by innovations in sensing fiber manufacturing, interrogator design and advanced signal processing. Besides the traditional fiber optic DAS benefits including long sensing distance, fine spatial resolution and high frequency response, this product offers additional unique features that may not be available with other DAS:

     ● Exceptional sensitivity
     ● No sensitivity deterioration with sensing distance
     ● Zero crosstalk between sensing segments
     ● Extra sensitivity boost for selective fiber sections
     ● Powerful software for real-time 3-D display, triggered data saving and post signal processing functions

Major benefits from these unique features include but are not limited to 1) more sensitive seismology to increase oil/gas production, 2) generation of the highest quality acoustic signal for perimeter and pipeline monitoring, 3) early warning sign detection of structural deterioration and catastrophe.

Video Demos: 1 >>, 2 >>