Downhole Pressure Sensors
Reliable Performance under Extreme Conditions
Accurate measurement of pressure and temperature in oil/gas and geothermal wells is important to optimized hydrocarbon production and power generation. However, the extreme downhole physical and chemical conditions often challenge the accuracy of electronic or optical measurement devices due to drifts at an un-acceptable rate. Moreover, the extreme environment can also cause sensors to malfunction. It is thus desirable to have sensors that can perform under all conditions and provide a guaranteed accuracy even in the most aggressive well conditions.

NovaPT™-D is a patented fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor system for permanent downhole installation. The system comprises a sensor head, a surface sensor interrogator and user friendly software. The software will display pressure and temperature in real time and will also permit data saving and transmission through internet to remote locations. The sensor is built with a monolithic sapphire structure which offers exceptional physical and chemical robustness and extremely low hysteresis. These features coupled with a unique interrogator design, this product has the following advantages:

     ● Ultra-high resolution and accuracy
     ● Maximum service temperature up to 650°C
     ● Superior resistance against all dowhole conditions
     ● Long sensing distance up to 15km
     ● Multiple channel surface interrogators available

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