Engine Pressure Sensors
Ultra-High Temperature, Resolution and Speed
Dynamic pressure measurement at ultra-high temperatures is highly desirable in many industrial processes. Limited maximum service temperatures of semiconductor transducers force engineers to use standoff tubes to guide pressure in a high temperature zone to a point where these transducers can be used. However, the pressure guiding tubes damp the dynamic signals, which are the true signals for combustion diagnostics and gas turbine compressor stall/surge detection.

Sentek Instrument LLC introduces NovaPT™-E dynamic pressure sensor to overcome this technological bottleneck. This product is built with a monolithic single crystal sapphire structure and is packaged with an Inconel housing for reliable pressure measurement under ultrahigh temperatures. This unique sensor is interrogated with fiber optics, which permits long distance quality signal transmission. Main technical specifications include:

     ● Maximum continuous operating temperature: 1000°C*
     ● Resonance frequency: 400kHz
     ● Sensor tip diameter: 3.8 or 10mm
     ● Industry standard installation threads
     ● Signal transmission distance: up to 100m
     ● Miniature interrogator for potential FADEC integration

NovaPT™-E Series has two models. NovaPT™-E4 has a sensor tip diameter of 3.8mm and #10-32 mounting threads to make it identical with Kulite transducers for easy plug and play applications. NovaPT™-E10 has 10mm sensor tip diameter for deep sensor insertion, compatible with Kistler 6021A and Meggitt CP505 sensors. 

* Higher temperature ratings up to 1200°C and frequency response greater than 50kHz can be available by special request.